Is Juicing A Fad?

Perhaps you drive by a juice bar on your way to work or you have a couple of friends who happen to have a juicer, and you wonder if there is any true health benefits to juicing. Well the answer to that is a resounding YES. For a while it has been regarded as something for only the wacky health people who enjoy eating grass. However, over the last few years more and more people are realizing just how good for you fresh juicing can be for your body. It is not just for hippies. It is not just for athletes. But it is something that normal hard working people can take advantage of to improve their well being.

What You Should Know About Juicing

While juicing can be a great way to get the extra nutrients your body needs, juice cleanses and fasting may not live up to their hype and should probably be avoided.

The Bad

Cleanses that claim that they can detoxify your body and help you lose weight are probably more hype than fact. If they are overdone than can also do some damage. Juice cleanses are very hard to sustain because they do not provide everything that your body needs like protein, so anything over a few days can make the body adjust in harmful ways. It is important to not overdo any type of cleansing program and limit it to about 10 days.

Your body also does a great job of detoxifying itself. If you eat and drink junk, then cut those bad habits and drink more water, or juice, and eat better. Your body will gladly self adjust to the improvement in your diet. You can read more information on the hype surrounding some juicing claims and judge for yourself.

The Good

Juicing is a fantastic way to supplement your current diet to get a fresh source of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to be at peak performance.  Most people do not have the time to eat properly and get their daily requirements of fresh fruits and vegetables.  This is where a juicer is really handy.  In only a few minutes you can get your daily serving and be on your way.

It also gives you a chance to experiment and consume a wider variety of produce.  Not a lot of people have enough time in the day to eat kale, carrots, apples, spinach, blueberries, and cucumbers, yet all of this can be incorporated into a simple juicing recipe.

The nutrients found in fresh fruits and vegetables can also have life saving long term affects as they can help prevent certain kinds of disease, such as cancer.  They also can give you a healthier energy boost than soda, or coffee in the morning.  As long as you do not rely on juicing as your primary calorie source, and treat it as a way to supplement your existing diet, then it can be an extremely positive experience.

Should I Buy A Juicer?

As long as you know what you are getting into and what you should expect out of juicing, then it is something that we highly recommend.  To see which types of extractors are most popular you can visit Juicer Jive for the best juicer reviews of 2015.  Buying a juicer is indeed a good investment in your long term health.  Juicing today is not regarded as snake oil, but it is a legitimate way to help yourself live and feel better.  Juicing may not be for everyone, but it worth considering.  It is not a fad, and the science is starting to prove it.  Don’t fear the juice, embrace it.

Another Reason To Quit Smoking

smoker-acneDespite all of the obvious and well publicized health risks associated with smoking, there is yet another reason to put down the cigarettes. Have you ever wondered if smoking might be contributing to your acne? Well the answer might just surprise you. As new research continues and more data comes in it seems that there might be a direct correlation between smoking and acne, especially in women. If you ever wanted to quit, you now have more motivation to do so. Dermatologists for years have preached on the detrimental effects that smoking has on your skin. From wrinkles to a rough leathery touch, smoking seems to affect the skin in multiple ways. We have all spotted people walking down the street before and you could tell by looking at them that they had probably had been smoking for years. Smoking can add a lot of years onto a person’s appearance. Now it turns out it can also wreak havoc with acne.

Who’s At Risk For Smoker’s Acne?

A recent study from 2007 in Europe of 1000 women between the age of 25 to 50 showed that over 40% of the participants who smoked had acne while only 10% of those who did not smoke had acne. The study also found that smokers who had suffered from acne when they were younger were four times more likely to have adult acne than non-smokers who had also suffered from acne when younger. The most common type of acne found to afflict smokers is called Non Inflammatory Acne (NIA). This is a mild form of acne that is characterized by whiteheads and blackheads. The study found 76% of participants with non inflammatory acne were smokers and 91% of smokers who had acne suffered from NIA.

That’s a lot of numbers and it can get confusing. To sum it up, smokers get adult acne more frequently and the most common type of acne smokers suffer is the milder non inflammatory acne. Women smokers are more likely to develop NIA. The severity of the breakouts do not seem to be effected by how many cigarettes are smoked per day.

Cigarettes contain over 4000 chemicals and 400 toxic compounds that have numerous ways of poisoning the body. The health risks involved with smoking are pretty well known. It can lead to heart disease, respiratory diseases of the lung and throat and all types of cancers that kill thousands people every year. From black lungs to tooth decay, there are too many reasons to count that should be motivation to quit smoking, or better yet to never start in the first place. There is now another reason, smoker’s acne. While maybe not the most urgent reason compared to the other more serious health risks, it still is yet another indication of how disruptive and destructive smoking is on the human body. The next best thing to quitting smoking is to find an effective acne treatment to battle smoker’s acne.